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Gift Gag Ideas

Everyone is looking for a reason to smile during these hard economic times. This can be something as simple as humor, whether it is a good joke, an amusing story or a unique gag. Or it may be landing a new job or even starting a new career.

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A good joke as with an amusing story has to have an audience to be appreciated.

A good gag can be enjoyed by a group or it can be given and just the memory, can bring a smile to your face.

Now gags come in all shapes and sizes and there are the favorites; a quarter in a fake pile of poop, an oversized pair of granny panties, or just a bunch of toilet paper.

Whatever the gift, a good gag needs to leave lasting effect. If you have ever been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a gag, you will remember every detail. One of the best to give is one that is self contained, all in a kit.

One that comes complete, with everything.

Finding a great gag gift is easier than one would think. There are your party stores as Spencer’s and Party City.

Then there are numerous internet sites where gags may be found.

But nothing brings a smile like a new job and a new career path is always exciting.

And almost everyone has that special “someone” in their family that just can’t seem to find or keep a job.

Whether it is that brother-n-law, sibling or a good friend looking for a new career.

And let’s not forget that college student that always need money. Now you can give them a unique one of a kind gag gift, all complete in a box. Their very own street corner career.

Homemade Gag Gifts

Homemade gag gifts are great presents for any kinds of occasions. In whatever ways, these gifts can provide fun and laughter for the occasion as well as for the recipients. Nevertheless, they are not that expensive to make.

Homemade gag gifts are also best as tokens of appreciation without spending much money. They serve as great alternatives for luxurious kinds of gifts.

Great and fun ideas are often added with these gifts especially if the creator would love to create the gifts with some personalization.

Read more of this article and get to know the different ideas that you can incur for your own creation of gag gifts.

Dammit Doll is one of the greatest ideas of homemade gag gifts. It is very fun and easy to make. It is done with the use of pattern where all areas are done very wide for object stuffing. The stuffing can be done by hand sewing or with the use of a sewing machine.

Another great idea of homemade gag gifts is the Doggie Poop made form wax or soap. A reindeer or snowman poop can be great as well especially if the occasion is Christmas holiday.

This can be done with the use of microwave either melting the wax or soap then pouring the melted wax or soap from any of the local craft store.

A mold online can also be bought. This kind of gag gift can be furnished with a funny or sweet poem for the recipient.

For old people or old folks, the best homemade gag gifts for them are false teeth stuff or canes. These are definitely a hit for them.

A stray hat gag gift is also great. To do this, get some natural colored raffia and then placed it in a bag. After that, add a tag on it stating “straw hat – assembly required”.

Another great homemade gag gifts that you can give to your loved ones are the redneck switchblades, which can easily done even by kids.

The materials used to create these gifts are glue, wooden spring type of clothes pin, rubber bands and wide popsicle sticks

Another creative homemade gag gifts that you can give are the maxie pad slippers.

If you are presenting these gifts to discrete woman, it should be soft and hygienic, with non-slip grip on the soles, with built-in deodorant features, keeps the feet smelling fresh, do not bend over to mop up the spills, biodegradable and disposable to be environmentally safe.

An all-natural bubble bath set is also best as homemade gag gifts.

To create this, you can use either a baby food jar or a small baggie that is filled in with some dried beans and labeled with some instructions for the preparation.

You can also note in the jar or baggie that the beans can be eaten an hour before the bathe.

Gag Gifts – Ideas and Tips

When searching for the perfect gift, have you considered gag gifts? While there are tons of gag gifts to choose from, you’ll likely want to choose the best one for the right person. Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying a gag gift:

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1. Don’t buy a gift that would be embarrassing.

Like when planning practical jokes, it’s important to know where to draw the line. The key when choosing a funny gift is to select one that will cause the gift recipient to smile or chuckle-and not turn red with embarrassment.

There’s a fine one between these two reactions, so make sure to choose your gift wisely. You probably know the gift recipient fairly well, so make sure not to choose a present that would make the receiver feel uncomfortable.

Basically, you know the gift-receiver better than most people do. So think about how he or she would react after receiving a particular type of gift. And then make sure not to choose one that would push the wrong buttons or cross the line.

2. Don’t buy a gift that’s inappropriate for a person.

One of the mistakes that people make when buying a gift (including a gag gift) is not keeping the gift recipient in mind.

As odd as this may sound, it happens quite frequently. One way to avoid making that blunder is to focus on the gift receiver.

What type of occupation does he or she have?

What are their hobbies? How much of a sense of humor do they have?

Asking these types of questions will help you to choose the best gag gift for the gift receiver. It will allow you to narrow down your choice from a seemingly unlimited number of options-to one that’s perfect for the gift recipient. That’s your ultimate mission, right?

3. Don’t wait until the last minute.

If at all possible, avoid procrastinating when choosing gag gifts. The reason is that choosing a humorous present tends to take more time than choosing “regular” presents.

If you rush choosing a funny gift, then in all likelihood it won’t be funny, or it won’t be funny to the gift recipient.

So make sure to start your search as early as possible. That will ensure that you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift!

4. Don’t pay too much for a gift.

As with any other gift, it’s wise to find the perfect gag gift, at the perfect price. The best way to achieve this goal is by doing a thorough search for the gift.

Search online and offline stores to help ensure that you find the absolutely lowest price for the gag gift. After selecting the gift, make sure to compare the price of the present, from at least three stores.

While there’s nothing magical per se about three sources, it’s a good starting point. Get prices from more sources, if possible!

Sometimes avoiding missteps can be just as important as taking the right steps. These mistakes will help you to find the best gag gift for a friend, relative, or co-worker!